Our Mission

Establishing Truth - Inspiring Respect - Producing Change

Heart & Hustle Productions is a community of storytellers.

Who We Are

A perfect mix of space-aged creativity, innovative vision, and relentless work ethic. Heart and Hustle Productions is second to none in its delivery of trend-setting film, graphics, artistic expression, marketing and brand messaging.

Launched in 2009 by Rashad Floyd (a former Professional Football Player, Record-setting Defensive Specialist, Nike Athlete, All-American Cornerback, San Francisco Bay Area Athlete of the Year, and De La Salle High School Hall of Fame inductee), H&H began with an incredible bond between the athlete and his/her sport. This is the kind of bond that resonates in every action and reaction - on the field, in the boardroom, the gym, and at home with the family.

Over the last seven years, H&H has grown in experience, production value, cinematography, technique, editing and design; and has created a way of storytelling that is completely beyond the fold of the conventional. The original content created by H&H, along with collaborations, can be seen on a number of linear and digital media platforms.

Our team of professionals provides individualized service to our clientele, through a sharply introspective lens that encompasses their hopes, dreams, struggles, and successes.

Shooting the Truth, Blazing the Trail, Shaking the Hate, Making History!


Rashad Floyd

Founder and President

Rashad Floyd is a fearless entrepreneur. He epitomizes what happens when a great mind has the freedom of boundless creativity. His personality represents the eclectic cultural influences of the incredibly diverse San Francisco Bay Area, where he was born and raised. His foundation was built by his family and faith, his character influenced by the teachings of the De La Salle Brotherhood, his work ethic mirrors that a world class athlete, and his vision is that of an artistic revolutionary.

Almost immediately after he retired from his record setting professional football career, Rashad discovered a new set of God given talents that propelled him into the television and entertainment industry. Inside of the first three years of transition away from the game, he became a journalist, commentator, creative director, radio show host, television personality, producer, writer, and film director for companies like NFL Network, Fox Sports, Red Bull, Nike and a number of other notable brands.

As his talent and opportunity began to catch fire, inspiration sparked the creation of Heart and Hustle Productions. The company is now a spaceship of ideas that epitomizes a style and swagger that has no precedent in the industry. The H&H brand is the culmination of fresh concepts and innovative storytelling; from the incredible stylistic visuals and amazingly rhythmic musical scores to artistic expressions, the audience is always left with a memorable impression.

Above all, it's his role of a father and husband that drives him to achieve.

"To pursue any and all objectives, one must have the HEART required to move mountains and the HUSTLE it takes to progress at a faster pace than everyone else" - RF

Trinity Webber

VP of Media

A filmmaker, based in Portland, Oregon, Trinity began his career spending several years in music production. His true passion surfaced immediately in the moment that he found himself behind the camera. Over the last 10 years, this passion has culminated in creating a truly authentic style of storytelling; innovative angles, depth, and amazing cinematography.
Whether behind the camera or in the editor’s chair, his work possesses a rhythmic and emotional beat that displays his drive to tell the “real” story in every piece.

Trinity joined the Heart and Hustle team the day the company was created, and has played an instrumental role in molding the cinematic style of Heart and Hustle. He excels at cutting edge production and always focuses on delivering a concise but highly entertaining product to the company's clients.

“The story is everything, but the manner in which you tell it is most vital” – TW


Jeffrey Allen Scott

Music Composer

Jeffrey Allen Scott is an acclaimed producer, composer, and educator. His mentors, Walter B. Saul (renowned composer) and Dennis Plies (Jazz performer and Educator), have had a profound impact on the broad palate, with which Scott writes, produces, and teaches today. His work has been featured in songs, commercials, musicals, movies, and television with everyone ranging from Cole Haan, Union Bank, LINK, Discovery Channel, NFL Network, Swanson Studios, and Job Corps of America, to the World Parkinson's Foundation. After graduating summa cum laude from Warner Pacific College, he made his home in the pacific northwest, where he founded and currently operates the Allen Center for the Performing Arts.

Since 2012 he has been writing and engineering projects for H&H, which he feels is a team of extremely passionate and talented professionals that are always striving for the best.

"It is a privilege to be associated with the H&H brand, because they just might change the world."

Nathanael Clanton

Lead Designer

As a designer, it is Nathanael’s passion to act as a translator. His goal is to listen, extract and express others’ vision using design as a creative language.

A decade working in the design industry has provided Nathanael the opportunity to work with such influential brands as Nike, Brand Jordan, Microsoft, Xbox, Windows Phone, ASICS, Dell, Apple, and GAP. He has extensive experience working as an independent design director and within creative organizations with clients of every size, from launching startups to overseeing brand stewardship for multi-billion dollar corporate clients.

He has a great passion for connecting with people, both clients and their customers, and teaching them how to awaken their personal creativity. He does this through writing, giving lectures at colleges and events, mentoring, and through his personal and professional relationships.

Nathanael lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, best friend and business partner Shannon, an accomplished photographer & artist in her own right, where they spend their days creating side-by-side, cooking, adventuring, laughing, and being in love.

“The obstacle is the way.” - Marcus Aurelius

Akil Bektemba

Writer and Protector

Writer, Activist, Community Organizer, based in Atlanta, GA, Akil is Heart and Hustle Productions’ literary asset. Although his formal education and attainment of multiple degrees provides him with the technical basis of his contribution to the company, it’s his expansive global view and almost fiction-like life experiences that drives the creation of new material – business proposals – and input during the filming process.

As a part of Heart and Hustle Productions, Akil absorbs all that encompasses the creative heights and depths of the team impacts the final result in a way that embodies all that the company is and dreams to be.

“Life’s experiences provides us with everything that is necessary to create, teach, and love.” - AB

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