This project was inspired from a movement built by fitness mogul Kristi Tauti. As a competitive International Physique Professional, Kristi has helped lead the next generation of fitness and nutrition lifestyles. Her gym “iPhysique”, is an institution that elevates her clients’ goals to al- time highs. Her clients are a mix of the average folks to an elite group of professionals, who train to adapt healthy lifestyles that can impact their complete quality of life.


Every so often, Kristi experiences a roster of clients that show such rich character and personality that we must immortalize. iPhysique never wanted to forget those moments. Our goal was to create images that defined the journey Kristi and her clients have traveled to arrive at physical and emotional contentment.


The uniqueness of the photoshoot can be witnessed in this gallery of images. The athletes involved are jaw dropping examples of how effective a “No Excuse” attitude can be when pursuing dreams.